From bridal bouquets to mini-bridesmaid/ flower girl bouquets

Bouquets are customizable to any color or theme! You will pick out up to 3 different flowers and colors to be included in your bouquets. They will last you for years to come. Put them on display after your wedding for a cute, sentimental decoration!



bridal - $175+

Approximately 28" around

11” to 12” diameter

depending on the style of bouquet

Flowers Against Brick Wall

bridesmaid - $135+

Approximately 25" around

9” to 10” diameter 

depending on the style of bouquet

Wedding Dress

Approximately 4” diameter

3 flowers + greenery

mini bridesmaid/ flower girl - $35+

toss - $65+

Approximately 17" around/ 6” diameter

Making Flower Arrangements
Wedding Day