What are Sola Flowers?

Sola flowers are derived from the shavings of tapioca root. Each flower is handmade into a life-like flower that can be dyed any color. The natural color of a sola flower is ivory, however, some may have slight discoloration due to the bark of the tapioca root.

Why Sola Flowers?

Sola flowers are a great choice for any floral design because they last forever and never lose their shape. They are also a 100% biodegradable material which makes them super Eco-friendly! Please keep in mind, I do still use quality faux greenery + filler. However, the baby's breath used in my designs is all dried/ preserved. 

Meet Arrie!

Hi - I’m Arrie, the owner of Perennial Petals. Thank you for visiting my site! I have been working with sola flowers since 2018 and I absolutely love them and think that they are a great alternative to fresh or faux flowers. I am located in La Crosse, Wisconsin but I can ship almost anywhere! I believe in supporting small businesses just as my own, that’s why all of my sola flowers are sourced from small businesses through Etsy. From a young age, I had a passion for art and creating things and was looking for a way to light that creative fire again. So, when I came across sola flowers... I was like, well, who doesn’t like flowers that don’t die! I love that each flower is carefully crafted and can be dyed to any color. I am looking forward to growing Perennial Petals by Arrie in the La Crosse area and can’t wait to work with you! Thanks again for visiting!